How Digital Project Manager’s Bring Indispensable Value to Projects

Value-To-ProjectsClients are faced with challenges daily, and sometimes those challenges are so complex that a specialist is needed.  For example, if you were lost in the woods with a cell phone, would you call for help or would you wait for the elements to take hold?  Digital Project Managers can provide indispensable value through organizational clarity, even when it seems impossible or unclear at the time.

3 Ways Digital Project Managers Bring Indispensable Value to Projects

1. Value in time based results – Many times clients don’t or can’t apply a feasible timeline to a project because it may be uncharted territory or they don’t what the scope might be.  A DPM can apply a scope with a timeline to a project, because DPM’s are driven by time and results. DPM’s are always looking for efficiencies and client satisfaction.  You can apply those motivations to a project and suddenly you have created value. Clients don’t have time to waste, saving it for a client is indispensable.

2. Value in technical solutions – Clients want solutions not services, if your constantly providing a validated solution to their challenges you will have long term clients.  Experience and Credentials can speak volumes in the project proposal stage, but the get validated during the project itself.  “The Proof is in the pudding” Clients depend on DPM’s for the technical details, portray this with ease and showcase your indispensable value.

3. Value in Likeability – It is a fact, people do business with people they like and trust.  DPM’s are the glue that holds the project together, they CANNOT parade around and cause fire drills and chaos.  Everyone from the client and employees to the project teams and vendors has to like the DPM and trust that they have everything under control.

If a client is questioning wether they need you, YOUR NOT PROVIDING INDISPENSABLE VALUE!